• First round draft pick of the Green Bay Packers in 1989, 2nd overall pick

• Highest-drafted Canadian-born player in NFL history

• In 1989, Sports Illustrated called him “the best offensive line prospect ever”

• Played for Michigan State University in the 1988 Rose Bowl

• First-team consensus All-American in 1987 & 1988

• Outland Trophy Award finalist

• Finished 4th in Heisman Trophy Voting in 1988

• Only college player in history to be named to the All-Madden Team

• 1996 Indianapolis Colts Comeback Player of the Year

• Author of “My Dirty Little Secrets – Steroids, Alcohol & God”

Tony Mandarich was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, the son of Croatian immigrants who instilled in him a grit and determination to accomplish the impossible. Tony grew up with a love for football, and decided early in his life that he would play professionally. After a highly successful and nationally publicized collegiate career at Michigan State University, Tony was drafted number two overall in 1989 by the Green Bay Packers.  The hype about being “the best offensive line prospect ever”, along with Tony’s addictions, this was more than he could live up to, and his life came crashing down around him. After three more years of alcohol and painkiller abuse, Tony accepted the hand of God, went into treatment and now considers it a privilege to be able to help other addicts and alcoholics when called upon. Tony and his wife, Charlavan, have four children; they own and operate Mandarich Media Group, LLC, in Scottsdale, AZ, a full-service web media business specializing in web site development and optimization, video production, photography and internet marketing.

Upon his entry into the 1989 NFL Draft, both scouts and media (most notably Sports Illustrated, which did a cover story on him, nicknaming him “The Incredible Bulk”) began trumpeting Mandarich as the best offensive line prospect ever, touting his “measurables”, “He weighed 304, ran the 40 in 4.64 seconds, did a standing long jump of 10′ 3″, leaped vertically 30″ and bench-pressed 225 pounds an unheard-of 39 times”.

Mandarich returned to football for three years between 1996 and 1998 with the Indianapolis Colts. He had a more successful career with the Colts, and even started all 16 games during the 1997 season before retiring from football in 1998 due to a shoulder injury. In his tenure with the Colts he was “clean”, not drinking & taking neither steroids or painkillers.

From September 2004 until September 2005, Mandarich served as an NFL analyst for The Score TV sports network in Canada. In October 2005 the family moved to Arizona to open Mandarich Media Group LLC.

In March 2009, Tony’s book My Dirty Little Secrets was released and achieved Bestseller status on Amazon in both Sports and Memoir Lists.

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